The company has been operating since 2001 as anengineering company and has 4 main departments:

  • Tarpol-eco – biogas plants design, building and installation as well as recycling of organic wastes;
  • Tarpol-Consulting (including: PerfectTime Publishing house – business books and publications; training department – provides e-learning courses for managers, consultants, advisors, employees; consulting service covers – initial energy audits, assessment of training needs, checking post-training results. Also, Tarpol – Consulting provides comprehensive research and analysis on the role of stress in the workplace (specially dedicated for road drivers, project teams, managers)
  • Tarpol-work- finding, training and hiring workers and professionals from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and so on. Our experts are top-class specialists, engineers, constructors or welders MIG, MAG, TIG with TÜV certificates and also mechanics are the guarantee of the highest class of services offered.
  • Tarpol-soft – offers ERP software – Comvar.

Tarpol-eco specializes in steel constructions, construction of industrial installations and entire facilities. We have our own laboratory and design office. We are currently launching our new product under the separate programme TARPOL-BIOGAS – biogas plants working on our own original S-MBP technology (Self – Mixing Biogas Plant) specially dedicated to slaughterhouses and meat and poultry industries as the waste utilization biogas plants.

Our unique solutions have been reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and allow to eliminate the problem of organic wastes by converting them into gas fuel or electricity and eliminate to a large extent unpleasant odors.

We offer comprehensive solutions. The entire biogas production process takes place in a closed cycle. The life cycle of the installation is cost-effective (operation, maintenance, service) and capital costs are relatively low). Tarpol offers a reliable unique technology that eliminates the expensive mechanical mixing systems installed in current biogas plant reactors.

The installations are user-friendly. All parts of the installation are designed and installed in such a way that their operation poses no danger during normal control, inspection or maintenance procedures. The service is clean and safe. The installation includes devices for monitoring security in the work area. All organic wastes are collected in a tightly closed area.

We ensure high quality end products: hygienic organic fertilizers and high quality biogas as well as reliable operation of biogas plant.

We provide reliable deliveries of all biogas plant parts. The company uses professional project management. We understand and recognize the entire operational chain: logistic control, selection of appropriate partners, economic feasibility parameters. We use dynamic monitoring and control software that optimize biogas plant performance.

We have experience in both designing and construction of biogas plants. We understand processes (biological / chemical / mechanical) on several levels, regardless of whether it is a turnkey biogas plant or a package of technological upgrading.

Also, we have ready solutions for efficient recycling (pyrolysis) of rubber waste and plastics.Our service is flexible. Tarpol Company adapts to the customers’ requirements and provides a technology upgrading package or turnkey installations.

Competitiveness of Tarpol Group is based on a combination of practical experience and scientific background resulting from co-operation with various Higher Education Institutions and Universities. The company’s technical solutions are related to environmental issues, namely organic wastes (agriculture and industrial). The services offered are flexible and meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Moreover, we are working hard on subsequent projects that will soon find their application in agriculture, automotive and construction. More detailed information will be published on our website in due course.

If you have any ideas do not hesitate to contact us and start co-operation with us fruitful for both, you and us.

I warmly invite you to co-operation,
Zbigniew Lizon – President